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Junior golf development

Preparing Junior Golfers to Play at the Next 

Level and Beyond!


Golf is the game of a lifetime! We provide juniors with the best junior golf lessons in Orlando developing young athletes into exceptional players and responsible young men and women on and off the course. 

Our Junior Golf Development program is for juniors who want to learn and train in a fun, informative and supportive team environment. 

Each junior athlete will be trained and developed in coordination with the United States Long Term Athletic Development Model.

Our students have won championships at the highest levels of junior golf and have achieved their most sought after personal goal; the opportunity
to play at the college level! 

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Choose from 3 Junior Coaching Options 

Junior coaching options are designed to help parents and athletes choose the level of participation that works best for their schedule and child’s interest level.
Helping Juniors, Ages 7-18, Become “Golf Course Ready"
and able to play on the course with friends and family

1x per week; $200 monthly

2x per week; $360 monthly

60 Minute Coaching Sessions

6:1 Student-Teacher Ratio

Become "Golf Course Ready"

Ages 7-18

Helping Juniors, Ages 8-13, Become “Tournament Ready"
and succeed in tournaments with more confidence and less anxiety

1x per week; $300 monthly

2x per week; $500 monthly

90 Minute Coaching Sessions

6:1 Student-Teacher Ratio

Become "Tournament Ready"

Ages 8-13

Helping Juniors, Ages 13-18, Become “College Ready"
and succeed at the highest level of junior golf

1x per week; $400 monthly

2x per week; $720 monthly

120 Minute Coaching Sessions

6:1 Student-Teacher Ratio

Become "College Ready"

Ages 13-18

Juniors will be assigned to their own team based on age and skill level and receive a team training app to record their progress, lesson notes, videos as well as having simple/ongoing communication with their coach.
Juniors will progress through a 10 level coaching program with opportunities to demonstrate their skills and understanding to their coach and advance to the next level. 

We’ll help each junior golfer develop the confidence, personal pride, respect, humility, honesty and athletic/social abilities so they may make better decisions when faced with adversity on the golf course and in life.

Give your child the best start in the game of a lifetime!

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