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Helping new golfers learn the game and proudly play with family and friends with less anxiety and more confidence!

Not really sure why this is but golf is the only sport that is taught and learned in a different place that it is played.

When we learned to play a sport like baseball, softball, basketball or frankly any other sport you can think of, we learned how to play the game and developed skills in the same environment we played the game.

However golf is learned and trained in a much different environment than it is played with flat lies to play from, multiple balls to hit with no anxiety or penalty for missed shots and no score keeping.  We believe this wrong! Golf needs to be learned and understood in the same place it is played; ON THE GOLF COURSE! 

Our New2Golf program will first help you understand the game, experience basic shots of the game and finally guide you through practice to insure proper develop of technical skills you will utilize on the course. 


The New2Golf program consists of the following:

Understand the game of golf
Learn the basic technical skills
Learn to play well on the course
Learn to practice correctly to improve
We’ll take you to the golf course your very first day. We believe you should know more about the game and how it’s played before any technical learning can happen.
You’ll learn the basic technical skills of short and long putts, short shots around the green as well as shots played from the tee and fairways.
Learning to play on the course is paramount to helping you play with confidence and less anxiety. We’ll teach you the essential playing skills including what shot to play when, what clubs are used and how to get the ball in the hole in the least amount of strokes.
Practice doesn’t make perfect it makes permanent. We’ll teach you how to practice correctly and efficiently so you can develop better skills over time leading to more consistency, confidence and fun!


“New2Golf was the perfect way to learn golf. I learned at my pace from knowledgeable and patient coaches.”

Choose from 3 Coaching Programs 

Each coaching program is a month-to-month plan with options to attend coaching 1 to 2 times per week and no contract. Choose the level of participation that works best for you and start enjoying the game of golf!
Helping New Golfers become “Golf Course Ready"
and able to play on the course with friends and family. N2G One is informative, effective and fun!

Learn Proper Technique

Develop Playing Skills

Play with Confidence

90 Minute Coaching Sessions

6:1 Student-Teacher Ratio

1x per week; $160 monthly

2x per week; $280 monthly

Helping graduates of New2Golf One and those coming back to the game perform better on the course through improved technique and on-course playing skills.

Improve Your Technique

Practice Properly

Better Playing Skills

90 Minute Coaching Sessions

6:1 Student-Teacher Ratio

1x per week; $160 monthly

2x per week; $280 monthly

Play Days are designed for beginners and novices who are golf course ready and want to have more fun on the course and less attention on the rules. Get a little guidance from the coach on the course and a little shot of courage from an adult beverage of your choice!

Nine Holes of Golf

Pre Round Mini Clinic

On-Course Coaching

Skills Games & Contests

Entry Fee: $49 / golfer

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