Adult golf Academy

Helping Golfers of All Ages and Skill to

Play at the Next Level and Beyond!

We have helped hundreds of golfers, just like you, have more fun on the golf course with friends and family as well as achieve goals that they thought were out of the realm of possibility.

Our approach is quite simple. We begin by asking you to participate in one of our 9 hole On-Course Game Assessment sessions. Here, along with 2-3 other golfers, well discover the skills that are holding you back from shooting lower scores on the golf course.

Following the on-course assessment, you'll sit down with your coach, along with a beverage of your choice, and discuss their recommendations on the fastest and most efficient way to have you shooting lower scores.

We have something for every level of golfer.
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Helping New Golfers become
“Golf Course Ready"
and able to play on the course with less anxiety and more fun! Meet new golfers, just like yourself, and have a lifetime of enjoyment playing the game of a lifetime!
Our Play Days Fore Adults are designed for golfers who are golf course ready and want to have more fun on the course with less attention on the rules. Get a little guidance from the coach on the course and a little courage from an adult beverage of your choice!
Our 30 Day Lessons combine a traditional lesson with the effective skill development associated with personal coaching. Within 30 Days you can improve your weakest, most important skill thats keeping you from shooting lower scores.
Our Premier Coaching Program! Drop 5, 10 or 15 Strokes from your score in 90 days GUARANTEED! I know it sound crazy but were nuts about helping you become the golfer youve always dreamed of being! I know youre skeptical but we can make it happen! 


What I thought I should work on was so different than what actually mattered. Thanks for taking me to the course!